Yangon International Airport (Mingalardon Airport) is the main International Airports in Myanmar. Yangon has direct air links with Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hanoi, Chaing Mai, Calcutta, Chiang Mai, Taipei, Kunming and Guangzhou via to get Myanmar.
We recommend to purchase the air tickets from the country which is your starting point in order to get the best airfare. No agent in Myanmar, or in another country, can offer you a better deal.It is true and an attempt of International Airline regulation to prevent air-ticketing monopoly in one single region, so that world-wide local ticket agents can exist.
Overland entry with a Border Pass is permitted at the following Border Check Points: Tachileik Myawaddy , Kawthaung on Thai border and Muse ,Jekong on the Myanmar-Yunnan China border.
Myanmar requires a valid passport of minimum 6 months and a Myanmar visa for all foreigners visiting the country. Tourist visas are issued for a duration of 28 days starting from the day you enter the country, three months from the date of issue. You can obtain a visa at all Myanmar Embassies or Consulates with three photos and your passport. The international points of entry and exit in Myanmar are Yangon International Airport and Mandalay International Airport.If you apply visa to entry Myanmar please see Myanmar Information Link in our website).
A little bit flexible policy was issued early of 2013 that tourism of Myanmar welcome several countries "visa on arrival " if they want to buy a package from authorized travel agents .
Procedure for Visa On Arrival
- Normally we receive your applications through web site and email.
- Applicants have to send scanned or photographed copy of their passport to us, (Note; image size should be limited to 100dpi or 1 mega pixel. High resolution images will be slow or impossible to download as the speed is not very good.)
- You may choose to make payment online via pay pal.
- After receiving complete information, we will process your visa. This process may take 10 working days.
- Once your visa is approved, we will send approval letter to you by email. We will also send a letter to your air line for your easy boarding. (Note if you have any flight change let us know well in advance.)
- Please print that letter out and show them at the air line counter if they ask for Myanmar Visa.
- After arriving in Myanmar, please proceed to immigration Visa On Arrival counter. (Your visa from will be already in the hand of immigration officer).
- You will receive Visa sticker on your passport after being checked in by the immigration officer.
- You will receive Visa sticker on your passport after being checked in by the immigration officer.
- Meet with our staff and make payment if necessary.
- Our staff will offer to help you find a taxi, hotel or air ticket and / or best travel deals around.
The applicant shall -
1. have a valid passport not expiring for at least 6 months from the date of entry into Myanmar.
2. bring two recent (4cm x 6cm) color photos taken within the past six months.
3. have the letter of invitation from the sponsoring company in the event of first trip of business study. (Stay cannot be extended.)
4. be required to produce copies of company registration/business license/ evidence of permission to do business issued by the ministries concerned together with the application if he is working in Myanmar.
5. fully mention the name of the factory, location, the sponsor and the position he holds if he is doing business with business visa.
6. apply for extension of visa with the recommendation of the ministries concerned as well as in accordance with the existing procedures if he is doing business with business visa.
7. produce letter of invitation by the ministries concerned if he is going to attend meetings, workshops, events and ceremonies.
8. Not be allowed to engage in any sort of work with or without charges apart from the professions mentioned in the visa application form.
9. produce air ticket to the destination if he is applying for transit visa.
10. stay at the hotels, motels and guest houses holding legal licenses issued by Myanmar Government, and factories and workshops legally permitted as well as human dwellings; and exactly mention the address he will stay at.
11. make a promise to strictly abide by the existing laws, rules, procedures, orders and directives issued by Myanmar Government.
12. have under-seven-year-old children accompanying parents in the passport granted visa free of charge; be able to produce the evidence of parent-children relationship if the children are holding separate passport.
13. not be allowed to travel to the restricted areas without seeking prior permission.
14. report to the office of the township Immigration and National Registration Department concerned at which he stays within Myanmar mentioning the address of hotels, motels, guest houses, factories and workshops legally permitted as well as human dwellings.
15. depart to the country which he has travelled from by the arrangement of the airline he is using if he is denied entry.
16. abide by the decision of the On Arrival Visa Scrutiny and Issuing Team.
17. apply for Visa On Arrival at Airport Immigration Section obtaining the application form either from the airlines in Myanmar or the following website of the Ministry of Immigration and Population.
When Arrival Airports
You may land two International Airport whenarrive Myanmar mostly used to Yangon International Airport is located 20 km from downtown Yangon. The Arrival Terminal is located separately from the Departure Terminal and the Domestic Terminal and simplified procedures ensure that on arrival and departure, international passengers are processed quickly through immigration and customs. The Yangon International Airport works 24 hours daily. Another one is Mandalay International Airport is located in the centre of Myanmar about 35km outside Mandalay, the countryís second largest city. It takes approximately 1hr to get from the airport to the centre of the city. It is a modern airport with six passenger boarding bridges and three of them can handle modern Boeing 747-400 planes.
Limousine Services
A Limousine Service Counter give transfer services in the Arrival Lounge.They will wait for offer and support to pick up concerned hotels and provide taxi available. Passengers are advised not to use the services of touts for taxi or other services that almost sir drivers are understood it. Ticket Confirmation& Air Ticketing
Make sure that check air ticket confirmation with respective airlines before leave. Domestic, International and Offline air ticket centers are available in Yangon and can be communicated very easily. Also check with respective travel agents, so that they can arrange for holiday in Myanmar as well as check up on flight schedules. For further information can view in the Airline Offices.
All foreign currencies (above US$ 2000 per person) must be declared to the Myanmar Customs at the Airport. Export of Myanmar antiques is totally prohibited. Only gems and jewelleries purchased at the liensed dealers, or who can issue an export permit are allowed to be taken out of Myanmar. Travelers may bring in duty free 200 cigarettes, one quart of wine and one pint of perfume. Mobile phone and laptop can be brought in freely for the travelersí own use. Gems and jewelry purchased from authorized dealers (with vouchers) are allowed to be taken out. But antiques are not allowed to be taken out of the country.
The following items are illegal to take out of the country:
- Prehistoric implements and artifacts
- Fossils
- Old coins
- Inscribed stones
- Historical documents
While In Myanmar
For Domestic Travelling
Domestic Flights
The main tourist centers are located at a distance from Yangon, and it is convenient for visitors to travel by domestic flights. Myanmar Airways, Air Mandalay;Asian Wings;Air Bagn; Air Kanbawza are operating flights of major tourist sites including Mandalay, Bagan, Heho, Thandwe,Sittwe;(transit place to Mrauk U)Myitkyina, Tachileik and Kawthaung etc...
The airport tax is US $10 for international passengers, payable in FEC (Foreign Exchange Certificates). There is no airport tax on domestic flights.
Foreign Currencies (especially US$) change rate regulated in different rate in current The official rate(Banks Chang Rate) and The unofficial( other monetary market change rate is not much gap. Luckily all kinds of 100 bills US$ notes of the series be available to change. But tear ,chick, dirty and damage big and small notes can be accepted and changed although reduction in market.
Some of Credit Cards are accepted at some high class (star) hotels, airlines and some international shops and restaurants. Especially Visa,Master and Maestro then other opportunity to change from your credit card at "ATM" machine par time three lakhs in kyats just three time if you more get you may go authorized banks in Yangon. however we suggest to bring a sufficient amount of cash for personal expenses. The exchange of traveler cheques as well is very difficult and time consuming. Banks are closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.
Sun hat, sun glasses, sun protection for your face and body, prescription medicines, insect repellent and an umbrella April to October (rain or shine). An antibiotic cream for minor cuts and scratches, extra pair of prescription glasses, a small flashlight and extra passport photos. WHAT TO WEAR: Shorts, short skirts or revealing clothing are not appropriate especially when visiting temples or any religious site. Myanmar is a conservative Buddhist culture and improper dress can be offensive. Please dress with respect for the local culture.
Lightweight, easy to care clothes of cotton and cool fabrics are ideal all year round. A winter sweater or jacket and socks may be needed in the cool season when visiting up country especially around Inle Lake and Kalaw when the weather can drop to near freezing during the night. Wear sensible walking shoes which can be easily removed when required. Shoes and socks must be removed at pagodas and monasteries so it is advisable to bring a pair of slippers.
Government offices open from 10:00 to 16:00 on weekdays. Banking hours are from 10:00 to 14:00. Private companies work daily except Sunday and gazette holidays. Shopping centers and super markets open daily. The most famous Bogyoke (Scott) market is open daily from 10:00 to 16:00 except on gazette holidays. Myanmar Public Holidays 2013
- Friday 4th January Independence day
- Saturday 12th January Karen New Year
- Tuesday 12th February Union Day of Myanmar
- Saturday 2nd March Peasants Day
- Tuesday 26th March Full Moon Day of Tabaung
- Wednesday 27th March Armed Forces Day
- Friday-Sunday 12th-21st April New Year Water Festival
- Wednesday 1st May Labor Day
- Friday 24th May Full Moon Festival Celebration of Birth of Buddha
- Friday 19th July Martyrs' Day
- Monday 22nd July Full Moon Day of Waso
- Saturday 19th October Full Moon Day of Thadinkyut
- Monday 18th November Full Moon Day of Dasoungmone
- Wednesday 27th November National Day of Myanmar
- Wednesday 25th December Christmas

Myanmar is a Land of Festivals: a festival for every month of the year. Most festivals are cultural and religious. Majority are nation-wide celebrated while a few are distinctly regional. The dates of the festivals and special events are determined by the Lunar Year. (You can see a link in information of our website).
The postal service in Myanmar is definitely cheap. Of course, letters and postcards take quite some time to reach their destinations but usually most of them will arrive. Parcels may be sent and delivered in Myanmar but again it is rather time-consuming, especially if you want to pick up a parcel at the Foreign Post Office - bring along a lot of time and patience! Private services like DHL come at a price but are doing a good job. If you should wish to send bulky and heavy items home it can be done either by airfreight or by sea. In this case our guides will be willing to give you the necessary help and assistance.
International calls can be made from major hotels and the Central Telegraph Office in Major cities. Whenever making phone calls from Myanmar it is important to ask for the price first. Internet is available at several locations throughout the country, however, travelers have to be aware that their e-mail websites might not be available due to government restrictions. WIFI connection system be available at hotels.
GMT + 6 hours

There is mainly 220--230 Voltage/50 cycles. However, fluctuations can be amazing: Be prepared for anything between 80 and 300 Volts! Thatís why no Myanmar household is complete with at least one if not a battery of voltage regulators. Make sure to protect your electrical appliances from over voltage - your laptop might take it rather ill... There also exists a "bewildering" multitude of different plugs and sockets in the country; extension sockets for three different types of plugs are the rule. Most electrical wall outlets take British-style plugs with a 3 flat plugs in a triangle; some outlets accept round plugs and combined round/flat holes for either type. You are advised to bring an international adaptor with you and if the need arises you can find what you need in any roadside shop - the problem is all too common in the country. Power cuts are all over the country more the rule than the exception. Thatís why many hotels and even shops have their own generators to ensure a permanent power supply.
Three morning newspapers Myanmar Ah Lin and Kye mon in Myanmar and The New Light of Myanmar in English are published in Yangon and The Yadanabon News in Myanmar is published in Mandalay. Myanmar Times Journal (English Version) is distributed every Monday, and the Myanmar Version is distributed ever Friday. Both journals are published in Yangon. The locally published magazines in English; Golden Myanmar, Myanmar Chronicle, and Myanmar Perspective, are available in bookshops. Foreign newspapers such International Herald Tribune, as Singapore Straits Times. and some foreign magazines and periodicals are available at In-wa (Ava) Bookshop, No.232, Sule Pagoda Road.
Radio Myanmar broadcasts English on the following schedule: 8:30 am to 9:00am 1:30 pm to 2:00 pm; and 9:00 pm to 10:30 pm. The new City FM broadcasts from 08:00 A.M. to 10:00 A.M., and from 13:00 P.M. to 17:00 P.M. daily, starting from January 1, 2002.
There are two local TV channels: TV Myanmar and Myawaddy with programs running from 7 am to 4 am; and from 4 pm to 11 pm. Most hotels also have satellite TV. Myawaddy was started on the 27th March, 1995. The average broadcasting hours is about 8 hours per day when it started.
In a country as photogenic as Myanmar many photo enthusiasts realize long before the end of their journey that they didnít bring along enough films. Nowadays that is not a problem anymore as supplies can be replenished in most places where tourists congregate. However, in some cases it might be difficult to get a special film or the films on sale are expired. So it might be a better idea to bring a sufficient supply of films.
Generally the Burmese do not have any objections against being photographed. However, courtesy commands to obtain the 'victim's' approval. Many pagodas charge a minimal fee for cameras; video cameras might be a little more expensive. Some museums restrict photography. It's not a problem anymore to bring along video cameras.
Important: Photography in airports, railway stations and near any military installation is forbidden.
No inoculations or vaccinations are required unless coming from or passing through an infected area. Clients should bring sufficient medication with them if required and should check for updated health recommendations before your departure to Myanmar regarding hepatitis, malaria, typhoid, etc. Health and medical care:
The dreaded tropical diseases usually do not constitute a threat to tourists because they are mainly the result of unsanitary conditions, lack of medical care due to poverty and similar factors. Malaria, however, should never be underestimated, but, according to our experience, is not a grave problem in areas visited by tourists. The threat of being bitten or poisoned by dangerous animals should also not be overestimated.
On one hand poisonous snakes and spiders are rarely to be found and on the other hand they anyway usually run away before a human gets close. However, we advise to stay away from the all too common stray dogs as well as from cats. Unfortunately the quality of medical care leaves a lot to be desired. Minor indispositions may be handled by local doctors and some local pharmacies stock a fairly extensive spectrum of drugs, mostly sold under their English trade names. We recommend bringing along all regularly required drugs in sufficient numbers, as well as cosmetics. In the case of aggravating health problems your place of treatment should be either Bangkok or Singapore where you will find plenty of good hospitals.
The most common health problems, however, are flu and diarrhea: Even though you may not be able to prevent them entirely you can limit them by choosing clean and proper food and avoid staying in air-conditioned rooms for too long.
Drinking water:
Only drink purified bottle water. Bottled water is readily available and some hotels provide complimentary. Carry a bottle with you throughout the day.
Medical Treatment:
If you should get sick in spite of all the precautions, following hospitals are recommended:
SOS Assistance
Inya Lake Hotel, 37 Kaba Aye Pagoda Road,
Tel : (95-1) 667877, 667879
Pun Hlaing International Hospital
Pun Hlaing Golf Estate Avenue, Pun Hlaing Street, Industrial Zone (6), Hlaing Thar Yar Township
Tel: (95-1) 684320-8
Fax: (95-1) 684324
FMI Shopping Centre, 4th floor, Bogyoke Aung San Street, Pabedan Township
Tel: (95-1) 243010, 248910, 243013, 243012
Kandawgyi Clinic
Natmauk Road,
Tel : (95-1) 530083
Pacific Medical Centre & Dental Surgery
81, Kaba Aye Pagoda Road,
Tel : (95-1) 548022
Myanmar cuisine uses rice or noodles as staple dishes, usually served with a variety of side dishes: curries with meat or fish, vegetables, salads, soup, condiments etc. Myanmar curries tend to be less chili-hot than those served in Thailand, In order to give travelers a true feeling for the Burma, Restaurant and food are carefully selected for hygiene as well as gastronomic considerations. Meals & drinks at International Hotels are considerably expensive. There are many good local restaurants with almost the same quality of food and hygiene as hotels but at reasonable prices.
Most of the restaurants in the major cities serve various dishes of Chinese, European,Thai and Indian cuisine. Myanmar dishes are oily, sour, salty and spicy. There are also a wide variety of local snacks and delicacies. Mouk-hin-kha (thin rice noodles served with fish gravy) and Ohn-noh-khauk-swe (noodles served with chicken chunks and coconut gravy) are the most popular in Myanmar. Shan food and delicacies also are available. Shan style of cooking belongs neither to Myanmar nor Chinese nor Thai cuisine but they taste really good in their own way.
There are all kinds of entertainment in Yangon, from cultural shows to marionette performance, theatre, cinemas and others. There is plenty of Karaoke entertainment. Real good fashion shows (the fashion show is the local substitution of a modern show elsewhere, since there are strict limits set by the government), with high professional exotic designs, mainly as an add on in various discos offer an interesting entertainment. Discos are plenty and "sing a song" restaurant entertainment many.
Myanmar arts and crafts, mostly pure hand-made, are best souvenirs. Lacquer ware, woodcarvings, tapestries, silverware, brassware, silk and cotton fabrics and shoulder bags are some of the favorite items.
For jewellery, there is Burma(Myanmar) rubies, sapphires, jade and pearls available at Myanmar gems shops. All gems and jewellery purchased should be made through the government licensed dealers, who can give a voucher for export.
Bargaining is essential for obtaining the reasonable prices. Possible price reductions of up to 50% are not uncommon. Click here for a list of recommended shops.
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